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   Fix welfare and unemployment 

  • Need to remove the traps that keep people on these programs.
  • We don't need to cut them or expand them, we just need to FIX them!
  • Allow part time work that will help lead to full time work without losing benefits.
  • Make these programs flexible to allow people to get back into the working world, the “either or” nonsense must end.
  • That isn’t how our world works. It works by these people getting part time jobs, or training that will lead to full time jobs.
  • Right now they are trapped – get a part time job that can lead to a full time job, but lose any benefits, or just stay on benefits and don’t try to work.
  • If you have to choose between your children having health insurance and being able to see doctors or you having a part time job and no healthcare, the choice is obvious and easy.
  • The only people who can’t see that are the ones in Sacramento. This has to be the easiest thing to fix, if anyone would just bother to try.
  • Terry Kremin will try, if you let him!

  No Partisan bickering, just logical thinking and reasoning.

  • Terry thinks different, he thinks like a scientist – Logical and rational and challenge the dogma.
  • There are no Republican bills or Democrat bills, there are only good or bad bills – it doesn’t matter where they came from.
  • We need more common sense and logical answers, not partisan bickering paralyzing our state. 
  • Terry is a problem solver – his life has been about fixing and finding new ways and new knowledge.
  • Terry is a licensed aircraft mechanic, has a bachelor of science degree in psychobiology (UCLA, premed curriculum plus cognitive science, computer programming, and psychology course work), and a doctorate (PhD) in behavioral neuroscience (psychology; brain behavior and cognition from Boston University) focused on addiction research. 
  • Terry is an independent thinker. There are many great ideas from all sides that we need to look at and implement, not just blindly follow party line. Shouldn’t your representative be representing YOU? Too much “party first” thinking is failing us in Sacramento. It needs to change.

I want to hear your concerns as well - 

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   Fix public education in our state - Kindergarten to doctorate degrees.

  • Our master plan is 60 years old! Terry wants a plan that reflects the realities of today, not the 1950s.
  • End the focus of just having “butts in seats” for funding. It is ridiculous and pushes schools to not adequately deal with problem students. 
  • Too much focus on getting every student into college. While there should be course work to do that, we need to recognize not all people WANT to go to college.
  • Need to put back in more skilled trade classes for those who want to pursue those careers. Keep them interested and busy and IN SCHOOL, not dropping out as there isn’t anything at school for them.   
  • Add back in good ol’ home economics to help young people navigate this world we live in. Having no idea how to balance a home budget and how mortgages and other loans work when you graduate high school is absurd, and only feeds all these predatory lenders.  
  • Stop automatically advancing students regardless of abilities. It only hurts the child.
  • Defer enrollment to Cal States or UCs until the student can work at college level in math and English (reading and writing). You simply cannot do the other course work without these necessary skills.
  • All students who graduated from a public high school and deferred as above will be admitted to Community Colleges in their area to take courses until they reach college level abilities – AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR OLD SCHOOL DISTRICT.
  • Students graduating without basic writing and reading skills is ludicrous, especially as we currently say that your high school diploma means you are college ready. We need reality, not just empty words and broken promises.
  • Facilitate more community colleges granting a basic four year degree.  
  • Let the California State system add doctoral programs as they see fit. They haven’t been primarily about teaching for the last 30 years. If the UC system can’t compete, maybe they should try harder.  
  • More fiscal responsibility in the community colleges, the Cal State system and UC system. We need auditing, and to get executive compensation under control. Actual teaching faculty are not the drain – you can pull up their wages online. The UC Regents have also shown that they may not be able to handle the autonomy they were given.

Put science in the senate!

   Conserve our environment and resources

  • No Fracking. Injecting hazardous waste and calling a fracking solution is not acceptable, neither is breaking up the solid rock that stabilizes all of our active faults! Public hazard twice over.
  • Make sure public lands stay available and useable by all our residents.
  • Finally tax oil production in our state like most other oil producing states!
  • No delta tunnel boondoggle. It is bad fiscally and environmentally. It just doesn't make sense, and we need people like Terry Kremin in Sacramento willing to say "The king has no clothes" and back it up with science.
  • Keep our parks open and usable. Reverse the Nature Deficit Disorder our children are suffering from.
  • Support and create programs to get our children in touch with nature and build a better understanding of working with nature and how to best use our amazing resources, and how to protect and conserve our resources that are limited. 
  • Protect and foster wildlife management and responsible hunting.
  • Promote more home gardening, water reuse and water recycling.
  • We need state guidelines to make it easier for those that choose paths such as gray water systems to be able to add them to their homes.
  • We need legislators with an understanding of the biology behind the bills they are creating and voting on, Terry Kremin has that knowledge.

   Keep and restore personal rights, freedoms, and equality.

  • We are getting way too much government control over personal lives.
  • What consenting adults want to do with each other is their own business.
  • Equal pay for equal work. Period.
  • No discrimination based upon religion, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • Legalize and regulate marijuana like we do tobacco and alcohol. There is no logical reason to treat it differently and we should be consistent in our treatment of the three based upon the science behind them.
  • Stop using gun control as a scape goat issue for the real issues of mental health and gangs. We MUST tackle the real problems that are causing deaths and quit wasting resources fighting over a side effect.
  • Protect individuals' rights to protect themselves and their love ones as they see fit.
  • We must start using logic and respect for individual freedoms and rights over emotional rhetoric. Terry Kremin will do that.